Hire C# Developers in Galway, Ireland

You need to Hire C# Developers and your business is based on Galway? Codertal has the right solution.

Our agency has a team of experienced C# developers who are experts in the language, as well as related technologies and frameworks. This means that our clients can rely on our team to build high-quality, scalable software solutions that meet their specific needs.

Codertal can offer customizable software solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of each client. This allows our clients to get exactly what they need, without paying for features or functionality they don’t need or want.

By outsourcing your software development needs to our company, you can save money on hiring and training in-house developers, as well as on the costs associated with setting up and maintaining a development infrastructure. We can offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality, making it an attractive choice for businesses of all sizes..

Our company’s flexible staffing model allows you to scale up or down as needed to meet client demands. This means that you can provide resources quickly and efficiently, without the need for long-term contracts or commitments..

Codertal’s success is dependent on our customers satisfaction, which means that we are highly motivated to provide high-quality software solutions that meet or exceed client expectations.

Our agency’s experience, expertise, flexibility, and customer-centric approach make you the best choice for businesses looking for reliable, high-quality C# development services..

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Forms of collaboration

forms of collaboration

We are offering two forms of collaboration:

– You can outsource your project to us, and we will be taking care of the entire development process of your project;

– You can hire and integrate our C# developers into your internal development team based on a daily rate;

Our availability


Our developer’s availability is:

– on a daily contract basis;

– part-time contract;

– full-time contract;

Our Skills


– Proficiency in the C# programming language and its syntax, as well as the .NET framework and related technologies;

-Understanding of object-oriented programming (OOP) principles and design patterns;

-Experience with software development methodologies, such as Agile or Waterfall;

-Knowledge of data structures and algorithms;

-Familiarity with development tools such as Visual Studio, Git, and other software development tools;

-Ability to write clean, efficient, and well-documented code that adheres to industry best practices and coding standards;

-Experience with database technologies and SQL, including database design and data modeling;

-Ability to troubleshoot and debug complex software applications;

-Understanding of web development technologies and frameworks, such as ASP.NET and MVC;

-Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically about software development challenges.

Our Responsibilities

-Writing clean, efficient, and maintainable code using the C# programming language and related technologies;

-Collaborating with other developers, designers, and stakeholders to understand project requirements and design software solutions that meet those requirements;

-Developing and testing software applications using industry-standard tools and methodologies;

-Troubleshooting and debugging software issues to identify and resolve problems;

-Creating and maintaining technical documentation, such as design documents, user manuals, and release notes;

-Participating in code reviews and contributing to the development of coding standards and best practices;

-Working with databases and writing SQL queries to interact with data;

-Developing and maintaining web applications using ASP.NET and related technologies;

-Providing support to end-users and addressing issues related to software functionality.

Where are our C# developers based?


All our developers are based in the European Union (EU) space. They are available to work remotely, on-site or hybrid.

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